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Animal Communication and the Local Hardware Store

small town hardware store

I needed to make a run to the local hardware store. Hardware stores are not my faves as I feel I’ve entered an alien world. Luckily, the woman who works behind the desk at this hardware store is knowledgeable and helpful. Plus she’s a dog person.

Our conversations always include something about dogs. So I mentioned my dog IamMaxRoper gave me a vagabond Valentine’s Day gift: he got off his leash and took off running after a cat.  A neighbor found him and returned him within the hour, but it was a very scary experience for me.

As we were wrapping up the sale, I asked her if she would be attending my animal communication class through the local community education program.  She gave me a funny look and then commented she talked with her animals all the time.

There was a VERY pregnant silence…..then….she asked: “If you’re an animal communicator and you Talk2theAnimals, why don’t you just tell your dog to quit chasing cats and stay in his yard?”

Fair enough, an excellent question.

Simply put, here’s the answer:

Because animal communication, as I practice it, is about relationship with, not power over the animals.  I can make requests of an animal, I can certainly tell them what my needs or wants are for a certain situation, I can even tell the animal why I am requesting they change their behavior. Yet it all comes down to free will.

Just like humans, animals create their own path, their own life. In respecting an animal as a fellow sentient being, I need to respect their wants and desires too. Just like I would respect another human’s wants and desires.

It is when we allow another the freedom to live their own life that we are in true relationship with that being.

Remember: U2CanTalk2theAnimals!


Janet Roper

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