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Animal Communication Tip: Using a Pendulum

Using a Pendulum

Using a Pendulum

When you are using your intuition, it can be helpful to have a tool, such as a pendulum, which will give you feedback or verification on the information you are receiving. A pendulum is a weight that swings freely from a pivot point and allows you to easily tap into your higher self, a place where you are disconnected from ego and head knowledge.  Pendulums give ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ answers, which you program into your pendulum when you first begin working with it. When working with your pendulum, ask your question, then wait for its answer. Working with a pendulum helps to verify the information received in a communication session and helps to build your self confidence as you begin to see how often you are right-on.

When you begin working with your pendulum, it becomes imbued with your energy. Because of this, it is best not to let anyone else use your pendulum. Personally, I don’t use pendulums that belong to other people, for that same reason.

You will only need to program your pendulum once for the yes/no/maybe signals. Ask your pendulum to show you a movement for yes, a movement for no and a movement for maybe.  For instance, my pendulum swings clockwise for ‘yes’, ‘shakes its head’ back and forth for ‘no’, and stands still for ‘maybe’. Both my pendulum and I find these movements to be very effective and easy to understand for both of us.

When I am working with my pendulum, I hold the pendulum in my right (dominant) hand and hold my left hand underneath the pendulum. I have found this helps me focus the energy when I am asking questions.

Here is a sampling of questions you can ask your pendulum…..

  • Is the information I received correct?
  • Is it in my best interest to……….?
  • Do I need to take my umbrella with me?

Working with a pendulum has helped me to become very concise and precise in my wording when I am asking a question. The more precise the question, the more precise the answer from the pendulum. One of my favorite questions to ask when working with a pendulum is “Am I asking the correct question?”. There are times when the pendulum tells me ‘no’. This is my invitation to become more exact and detailed in forming the question and looking for information.

Relax and have fun with this. If you find yourself getting back into your ego or your head, ask your pendulum to clear that for you. Good luck, let me know how this works for you!

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