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Help Your Dog Through The Back To School Blues

close up sad black and brown dog face

We are midway through August, hard to believe! School is right around the corner, bringing back nostalgic memories of when I used to teach music in my house. One of the yearly rituals I had in preparing for the new school year was getting the dogs and cats ready to receive new and previous students coming into their household.

The new schedule of returning to school, going to school for the first time in your life, or leaving for college can be demanding. Not only are the kids getting back to a full fall schedule, there are many unknowns that need to be met and triumphed over those first few weeks. This can be a stressful time for parents and kids alike…….AND for your animal family. Because dogs are pack animals, they are more likely to experience anxiety when the 2-legged kids in their pack return to school.

Here are some common symptoms dogs may exhibit when showing separation anxiety:

  • Inappropriate Urinating/Defecating
  • Barking/Howling
  • Digging/Chewing/Destruction
  • Escaping
  • Pacing
  • Reduced Activity/Hiding

And who wants their beloved animal pal to experience that?

Animal Communication Talk2theAnimals LogoSign up for a Talk2theAnimals animal communication session and find out directly from your animal pal how you can help them adjust to the new schedule. You will also receive practical tips and ideas on how to help your animal pal adapt to and feel at ease with the new schedule. Click the logo, book your 30 minute animal communication session and find out what your animal pal wants you to know!

Don’t wait until the last minute – do yourself, your family and your animal pal a favor and start now, giving all of you plenty of time to practice, implement and adjust to your new fall schedule.


Janet Roper

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